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DiveOpp offers insights to firms, clusters and regions, supporting the identification and assessment of strategic and business opportunities considering their individual strengths and capabilities.

Who are we?

The world is full of business opportunities. This is equally true for individuals, organizations, regions, and countries. And all of these must make choices between alternatives: Shall our company strengthen investments in a new technology to enter additional market segments or is it better to concentrate on our core competences and solidify our current position? Will supporting this new industry open the path for future growth in our region or will it be easier to sustain our competitiveness through facilitating our current economic specialization?

Answering such questions is anything but easy and such decisions usually have long-lasting consequences. It involves the setting of long-term business / economic strategies shaping firms’, regions’, and countries’ developments for considerable time periods. Consequently, such decisions need to be based on a solid assessment and evaluation of reliable information.

This is where DiveOpp comes into play. We provide science-based assessments of economic opportunities and deliver detailed information that forms a reliable basis for such kind of decision-making and scenario development.

DiveOpp specifically assesses diversification opportunities using context-specific mixes of patent data (firms and regions), employment and occupational statistics (regions), and web-based information (firms and regions).

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